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Address :
55 Newton Road Revenue House Singapore 307987
Tel : 63568233
Fax : 63513636 (Individual Income Tax)
63514358 (Business Income Tax)
63512707 (Tax Clearance)
63513553 (Goods & Services Tax)
63514360 (Corporate Tax)
63513366 (Clubs & Association, Trust, Gaming)
63513694 (Stamp Duty)
63513388 (Estate Duty)
63513638 (Enforcement)
Internet Website :
Email Address :

Board Members
Post Name DID Email
Chairman Peter ONG Boon Kwee
Permanent Secretary (Finance) Ministry of Finance 100 High Street, #10-01 The Treasury, Singapore 179434
63327207 -
Member Mrs CHNG Sok Hui
Chief Financial Officer, DBS Group, DBS Bank, 12 Marina Boulevard, Level 45 DBS Asia Central @ MBFC Tower 3 Singapore 018982
68788850 -
Member Dr LEE Kwok Cheong
Chief Executive Officer, SIM Global Education, SIM Headquarters, 461 Clementi Road, Singapore 599491
62489288 -
Member PEK Hak Bin
Partner, Head of Energy and Natural Resources, KPMG, 16 Raffles Quay, #22-00, Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581
62133388 -
Member POK Soy Yoong
Former Head of Tax, Ernst and Young, 2 Marina Boulevard, The Sail @ Marina Bay, #58-03, Singapore 018987
92787600 -
Member Dr Philip PILLAI
c/o Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore 55 Newton Road Revenue House Singapore 307987
63512071 -
Member TAN Beng Hai Bob
Chairman, Jurong Engineering Limited, 25 Tanjong Kling Road, Singapore 628050
66600334 -
Member NIAM Chiang Meng
Permanent Secretary (National Population and Talent Division) Permanent Secretary (National Climate Change) National Population and Talent Division Prime Minister's Office 55 Newton Road #11-01 Revenue House Singapore 307987
63546934 -
Member TAN Tee How
Commissioner of Inland Revenue / Chief Executive Officer, 55 Newton Road, Revenue House, Singapore 307987
63512001 -
Commissioner of Inland Revenue / Chief Executive Officer TAN Tee How
Personal Assistant Miss TAN Pheck Noi Karen
Deputy Commissioner (Individual) KHOR Ngiap Long, James
Deputy Commissioner (Business) Mrs ENG-TAY Geok Lee
Personal Assistant Ms KOH Poh Wah
Deputy Commissioner (Corporate & Services) ONG Khiaw Hong
Deputy Commissioner (International, Investigation and Indirect Taxes) Mrs CHIA-TERN Huey Min
Personal Assistant Miss YEE Chin Mee
Quality Service Manager LUI Siew Wah, Dennis
Personal Assistant Miss SOH Lai Mooi
Internal Audit Director Mrs CHIA-TAN Hai Geok
IRAS Hotlines: -
Income Tax and Property Tax -
1800-3568300 -
Corporate Income Tax -
1800-3568622 -
Goods & Services Tax -
1800-3568633 -
e-Services -
1800-3568015 -
Enforcement -
6356 7012 -
Stamp Duty -
1800-4604923 -
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