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Address :
79 Robinson Road CPF Building Singapore 068897
Tel : 1800 2271188
Fax : 62258732 (General)
Internet Website :
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STRIVING FOR EXCELLENCE The Central Provident Fund (CPF) is a social security savings scheme jointly supported by employees, employers and the Government. Its basic purpose is to help CPF members meet primary needs like shelter, food, clothing and health services in their old age or when they are no longer able to work. Benefits offered are to help meet one or more needs of the CPF Member in his retirement. They include withdrawals by the Member for retirement, permanent disablement, home ownership and health care. The amounts available depend on how much the Member has saved in the CPF. The CPF Board are trustees for the CPF savings of Members. We aim to provide CPF Members, in a cost-effective manner, the widest range of quality services possible. We seek also to help employers pay CPF contributions promptly and correctly in as efficient and convenient a way as possible. Where we can, we make our assets and services available to help meet Singapore's social and economic objectives, thereby improving the quality of life of all Singaporeans and CPF Members.
Board Members
Post Name DID Email
Chairman CHIANG Chie Foo
Deputy Chairman Augustin LEE
Deputy Secretary Ministry of Manpower
Member NG Chee Peng
Member TUNG Siew Hoong
Head, Portfolio Execution Group GIC Asset Management Pte Ltd
- -
Member LAU Wing Tat
- -
Member Sarjit SINGH Gill
Senior Partner Shook Lin & Bok LLP
- -
Member Professor Annie KOH
Vice President, Office of Business Development Professor of Finance (Practice) Singapore Management University
- -
Member TAN Teck Huat
Director and CFO J Trust Asia Pte Ltd
- -
Member Ms LEE Keng Yi
Executive Director, Insurance Department Monetary Authority of Singapore
- -
Member Derrick WAN
Director, Reserves & Investment Directorate Ministry of Finance
Member Mrs TAN Ching Yee
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health
- -
Member Zahidi Bin ABDUL RAHMAN
Principal Architect, Zahidi A.R. Arkitek
- -
Member John NG Peng Wah
Chief Executive Officer Singapore LNG Corporation Pte Ltd
- -
Member Ms CHAM Hui Fong
Assistant Secretary General, National Trades Union Congress
- -
Member Ms Mary LIEW
General Secretary Singapore Maritime Officers' Union
- -
Senior Statutory Board Officers & Their Personal Assistants
Post Name DID Email
Chief Executive Officer NG Chee Peng
Executive Secretary to CEO Ms Linda LIM Bee Lin
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Services) SOH Chin Heng
Executive Secretary to DCE (Services) Ms Vivian TEO Poh Hua
Executive Secretary to DCE (Policy & Corporate Development) Ms Michelle WOON Lee Yuin
Chief Information Officer LO Tak Wah
Executive Secretary to CIO Ms LOY Boon Mein
Deputy Chief Executive Officer (Employers & Finance) LO Tak Wah
Executive Secretary to DCE (Employers & Finance) Ms Sally ONG Tien Shen
Quality Service Manager Desmond CHEW
1800-2263866 (toll-free)
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