Email Address :

Post Name DID Email
Deputy Director CHAN Chung Leong 64651759
Assistant Director TAN Chin Peng, P Kepujian 64651782
Assistant Director Bryan YEO Tiong Yong 64651738
Assistant Director Eric ONG Yongquan 64653343
Senior Manager NG Aik Guan 64651785
Manager KOH Yong Kwang 64653307
Manager THUNG Yi Xin 64651779
Manager Ms HO Zhi Shan 63146436
Manager Mark WONG Kah Loon 64651781
Manager Ms JONG Ying Wei 63146434
Manager LING Kin Joo 64651869
Manager NG Lee Khiang 64651784
Manager Ms NG Hui Zhen 64653321
Manager Ms LEE Sye Ling 64651868
Manager LOH Ming Jie 64629261
Manager Ms Diana CHIU Po Wei 64651734
Manager Ms SEET Hui Ying 64651776
Manager Ms HERINA bte Mohd Noh 64651772
Manager Andrew TAU Wen Jun 64651778
Manager Ms Gloria GOH Yiling 64651776
Manager Ms Karen CHEW Hui Fen 63146437
Manager Ms Amanda LENG Jun Theng 64629262
Manager VAIRAVELU Ramasamy, PB 64651719
Manager Ms Cheryl LIM Hui Ming 64651780
Manager Ms Jolyn LOH Weiting 64651735
Manager Ms Vanessa LEE Min Jue  96403821
Manager Vacant 64651712 -
Senior Officer MOHD Zin bin Mohd Shariff 64651715
Senior Officer LOW Kuan Yong 64651720
Senior Officer NGOH Poay Hoan 64651711
Senior Officer TAN Ming Lee, PB 64651793
Officer Christopher CHENG Pang Fo 64651791
Officer Patrick SIA Yee Huong 64651723
Officer PARAMJIT SINGH s/o darshan Singh 64651725
Officer Ms CHUNG Li Shu 64650152
Officer WONG Kam Cheong 64651722
Officer SOO Nguan Seng 64651787
Officer Ms LOH Yeu Ling 64651788
Officer NGOH Jing Hao 64651866
Officer Ms SITI ZAHARAH Raman 64651732
Officer Ms NUR FAJRAH binte Abdul Hamed  96706791
Officer MOHAMAD IDRUS bin Mohamad Noor 64651721
Officer GOH Jun Kiat 64651792
Officer Ms Lynnette SIM Hui Ling 64651778

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